Carbon Monoxide Testing Service

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Every winter when the temperature drops in Australia people rush to switch on their central ducted gas heaters or other gas appliances. But it might be an invitation to a silent killer (CO) as it increases the potential risk of CO poisoning if the gas heater is faulty.

Carbon Monoxide Gas

Carbon mono oxide gas is created in the gas heaters as a result of combustion in the form of residuals which is a normal process until it doesn’t approach your rooms. Due to long dysfunctionality corrosion and water vapors may harm the metal surfaces and as a result, it may cause leakage of CO. To avoid any unpleasant incident, all gas heating devices must go through the carbon monoxide testing process by professional and licensed gas fitters. Our professional team has your back and provides up to the mark Carbon monoxide testing service because we are concerned about our client’s safety.

To make sure your heating system works properly you have to take care of its service and Carbon monoxide testing should be implemented every two years and instantly whenever you feel symptoms of CO leakage which we will discuss further.

Why Carbon Monoxide Testing is so Important?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause a range of symptoms. And undetectable for its chemical properties.  It can make you feel headache, nauseous, flushing, shortness of breath, and dizziness. If inhaled for a prolonged period of time it can lead to death. As Carbon monoxide doesn’t have any smell you will not be able to figure out its leakage. So whenever you feel such symptoms call our professional team for carbon monoxide testing.

Key Precautions 

If you feel dizzy, sick, nauseous, unwell or any symptom mentioned above it might be carbon monoxide leakage. In that case don’t panic leave your house quickly and get some fresh air and make your breathing normal, after that open all your windows of the house and turn off the gas supply if you ever get into such a situation then do not panic and just take precautionary measures.

Our professional and licensed gas fitters would perform carbon monoxide testing for you with an endorsement to service Type A gas appliances Our team is highly qualified and specialized in the maintenance of gas appliances. WE create a series to check if your heater is safe or not by different checks. By using a carbon monoxide tester first of all perform the action of rating carbon monoxide in the air in points per million (ppm). If the Carbon monoxide level increases by 5 ppm (normal level in the air) in a room then it’s alarming. In this way, the gasfitter tests the presence of carbon monoxide in the air and then finds the spot from where the gas is leaking to fix it. Further testing is performed in four steps:

Establishing Baseline Conditions:

This test helps us observe if >weather conditions have any effects on the fluing.It is performed by switching off the gas heater in the presence of a cold flue and by closing all the escaping channels

Smoke Test

Any observable effects are noted down to compare them with the negative pressure environment Maximum possible negative pressure is retained in the building using the best possible methods without any minor negligence. If regenerated smoke is different than baseline conditions then negative pressure is addressed.

Test For Carbon Monoxide Spillage

A carbon monoxide spillage test is performed with a CO  tester by placing it near all locations where spillage or leakage may occur. For Example, Draught diverters, Heat exchangers, flue connection joints, and air outlets. If CO spillage is detected, the reason for carbon monoxide leakage is determined than is it due to negative pressure or appliance fault then further maintenance is carried out accordingly. We are capable of providing professional and cheap Carbon monoxide testing services anywhere in Australia. We are confident that this test will provide you with the information you need for your safety and ensure your business is compliant with federal regulations. It is a must to perform the test and service every two years. Now you’re aware of the importance of carbon monoxide testing and the maintenance of gas appliances so don’t wait and

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