Gas Ducted Heating System Cleaning

Ducted Gas Heating System Cleaning

Ducted gas heating systems are becoming more popular each year in Australia. This system is typically smaller and less expensive than a typical electric heating system. Its working procedure is simple and efficient. It simply turns the cold air from your house and processes this air until heats, after heating it spreads the hot air in all the house with the help of ventilation grills fitted in the ducts.

Working Procedure

Fan motor works as cold air inhaler in central Ducted heater, then passes over a heat chamber by natural and CO gas combustion
The warmed air produced is then distributed through ventilator grills across the house
A thermostat to keep the temperature balance
A flue pipe is used to discharge all the residuals of combustion out of home

Why is it Necessary to Clean a Ducted Heating System?

As mentioned in the working procedure above air continuously revolves from your room to the heater. Due to Continuously revolving air from your rooms to vents, ducts, and back to rooms a lot of dust may get into the heater which may affect the efficiency of the system, and if not cleaned for a long period the results might be fatal, dust may fragile the system. Inhaler fan unit may collect a lot of dust, though filters are fitted with dust particles that manage to get through them over a period of time. So, cleaning your ducted heating system is vital to the sustenance, longevity, and efficiency in the cool freezing winter. Generally, once a year before winter is recommended.

Our Cleaning Services

Ducts cleaning provides you with the best cleaning services for Central Ducted Gas Heating systems. Our professional team is Qualified and Licensed Technicians to ensure the quality of work in the first place. WE clean the heating unit and ensure the system operates safely and at maximum yield. To meet these requirements, we have a complete and professional checklist. Besides cleaning this checklist also help us to detect any minor fault early to avoid any major harm in the future. Our specialty is Natural gas and Carbon monoxide leak test which many service providers neglect and ends up in a mess.
Our Cleaning Services Checklist includes these steps:

Testing and Cleaning of Necessary Components

We test and clean each and every component which demolishes the efficiency if dirty. We perform Checking and Cleaning of inhaler fan, testing cleaning, and checking off all the Burners and flame sensors, Heat exchanging chamber, Ignitor, Returning air grills, and air purifiers.

Operational Testing

We make sure that each and every component is performing accurately and if there is any replacement required. We do check the operations and settings of capacitors are working properly and the fan motor is running at its rated r.p.m. We make sure that gas burner pressures are set correctly, the flue pipe is clean and connected so residual may exhale easily, and check electrical wiring. Double-check all the components and ductwork

Testing of System Performance and Safety

Beyond the Cleaning, we also make some necessary tests to serve you with the best that you deserve. Our Test for Carbon Monoxide and natural gas leaks ensures the safety and performance of the entire system. We do test calibration of the thermostat and check for requisite airflow from the outlets.

We do provide a detailed report on the completion of cleaning and advise our valuable customers on the best practices to achieve maximum efficiency.

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