Successful Cleaning Of  HVAC Ducts in Melbourne Victoria

We had a customer who requested us to clean the HVAC duct in Melbourne Victoria,It was a project of cleaning HVAC duct system in an office that caught fire in the ducts .After our cleaning,The building HVAC system is now operating as efficiently as it was before the fire.

Cleaning up after a fire is one of the hardest tasks in an emergency situation. This task can take weeks and may require specialized equipment and expertise. In this case, it was necessary to use dry ice to clean the system.

The dry ice put into the system in liquid form and began to expand on contact with air. The result was a blast of cold air and dry ice crystals that destroyed all particles and dust in the air. This technique allowed us to clean out even the smallest spaces.

Our expert dry ice technicians quickly and efficiently cleaned up after a fire and restored the heating system to its original state.

This customer has experienced real pain after the fire. They now have a clean, safe and functional heating system once again. Now our customer is satisfied with our best services.

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