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Do you suffer through the summer heat like most of us? You might throw up your hands and admit that climate change is taking its toll on Australia’s summers. And then, where will we all be when winter comes? The answer is Evaporative Cooling. In fact, we can provide the best Evaporative Cooling duct cleaning services in Australia. So if you’re a victim of summer heat, don’t be afraid to use us! Extraction blocked vents, contaminated filters, and unbalanced filtration systems require professional assistance in order to prevent inconvenience, so if you’re suffering from a hothouse like many Australians then get some relief by letting us help.

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The constant operation of evaporative air coolers can result in the buildup of unwelcome sediments and minerals in countries like Australia with hot climates. If you want your unit to remain cool during the entire cooling season, be sure to clean it at least once.

The proper maintenance of your evaporative cooler and ducts will extend its lifespan and increase its efficiency. Cleaning and disinfecting your air cooler should be conducted by a professional duct cleaning technician on a regular basis. To maintain a healthy airflow in your home, regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the accumulation of sediment, fungus, algae, and other contaminants inside the system. Inside air coolers, you should clean the filter pads as well as the basin. In these areas, windblown dust and pollen can quickly accumulate, creating a sludge that can block pumps, pipes, and filter pads. The interior of your air cooler must be cleaned regularly for this reason.

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Keeping your evaporative cooler clean and disinfected requires regular maintenance and duct cleaning in Melbourne. Because air coolers circulate air that people will inhale, it’s critical to have clean, fresh air. Cleaning the ducts and performing regular maintenance are the only ways to keep the air fresh.

To ensure you enjoy fresh and healthy air this summer, contact our team for help maintaining your evaporative air cooler.

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