Genuine Spectrolink Controller For Braemar Ducted Gas Heater



The TRUE Spectrolite controller is a genuine Spectrolink controller for Braemar ducted gas heaters. This unit will not work in conjunction with our “Bump” or “Flexible” controller. The only difference between our spectrological and the original Spectrolink is that they are designed to work perfectly in their range. Our units use the latest technology and are available complete with fittings and brackets. The True Spectrolite controller can be used with Braemar heaters that have stainless steel heat exchangers (now referred to as Evaporator). Most Braemar ducted gas heaters in Australia come with an air-cooled stainless steel heat exchanger with fins which has the ability to draw air across the fins, so spaces are created allowing the exhaust gases from combustion to travel through them rather than raising the temperature in the room.


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