replaceing duct work in crawl place

When you have ductwork in the crawl space of your home, you may be wondering how to get it replaced or repaired. If so, this guide will help you decide whether or not replacing your ductwork is worth the hassle.

If you’re thinking about replacing your ductwork and are wondering if it is a job for an HVAC professional, the answer is no.

Difficulties In Crawl Space

The crawl space is a tight space and not the best place to work in this case. A professional will want to avoid any potential damage caused by working in such a confined space.

A crawl space usually doesn’t have enough room for someone to stand upright, and the low ceiling makes it difficult to work in. However, if you have ductwork in a crawl space, you may have to get down there to repair or replace part of your HVAC system. Crawl spaces are often very small, so it is difficult to work in one. If you have ductwork in a crawl space, however, you may have to get down there to repair or replace part of your HVAC system.

Damaged Duct In Crawl Place

Damaged Duct In Crawl Place

If you have damaged ducts in your crawl space, it’s best to call an HVAC professional who has experience working on ductwork insulation in tight spaces and can do an accurate assessment of what will be involved. If you want to switch your ductwork from a crawl space to an attic, however, the answer is simple.

You should call an HVAC professional and schedule a free estimate. In fact, even if you just want to replace damaged ducts in a crawl space — save yourself the hassle and contact an HVAC professional right away.

Insulation Installation

Insulation Installation

If your home’s heating system requires regular maintenance or repairs that require access through the roof line (such as replacement fans), then having insulation installed up there may be necessary too, as also the duct insulation wrap!

This can help prevent condensation build-up which could lead to further problems down below with moisture ingress into other areas such as ceilings; this could also cause mold growth if left unchecked for too long without proper ventilation systems installed around those areas first and installing ductwork in crawl space would be easier and you will get the best duct insulation.

Contact A Professional For Difficult Task

You may be tempted to tackle this project yourself, but it’s always best to call a professional. Call the number on your phone and schedule an appointment. The company will come out and assess your needs, then give you an estimate of how much they think it will cost to replace or repair your ductwork.

If you decide that you want them to do the job, be sure not only that they’re licensed but also that their work is up-to-date with current codes and standards in place by local authorities—and make sure they’ve been inspected by those same authorities at least once during their career (it’s important).


If you’re looking for an HVAC professional with experience in ductwork, call us anytime. We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns and will work on your schedule. Our team members have years of experience working on ducts in tight spaces and can do an accurate assessment of what will be involved.

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