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The cold air in winter Effect everyone’s body temperature. Having warm air makes you feel relaxed and relieves fatigue when there is winter season. Electric heaters are excessively in use nowadays. In case, these heaters blow cold air it will destroy the peace. This article will help you to find why your electric heater blows cold air? Let’s talk about the problems and their solutions.

Why does Your Electric Heater Blow Cold Air?

Why does Your Electric Heater Blow Cold Air

If your electric heater blows cold air, you have caught a problem in your hands. But don’t need to get panic, we have solutions to the problems with your heater. Before making a call to the technicians, follow the given steps to find out the real problem, and get the solution to that problem in this article. If you cannot tackle the problem by yourself, then inform the professionals for quick service.

Problems And Solutions To Cold Air Blowing Off Electric Heaters

Problems And Solutions To Cold Air Blowing Off Electric Heaters

  1. Thermostat settings.

In case you find your heater is blowing both hot and cold air, there could be a problem with the thermostat settings. Some furnaces are hard to control that’s why you do wrong settings. All heaters have a fan to spread air. If your heater fan accidentally remains “on” the whole day, it tells you that your heater’s battery is out of work. You shivering with cold air maybe because of the different settings of the thermostat.


You can fix the settings by following the given steps;

  • When you see the fan is “on’, you can change the setting to “auto”.
  • Change the battery for the solution of cold air if it gets dead.
  • Set the temperature of the thermostat higher than the temperature of your home.
  1. Check the ductwork.

When your heater blows cold air, you should go to the attic to check the ductwork. The continuous leakage and alteration in temperature may cause damage to ducts because it is exposed to cold. That’s why your heater is blowing cold air that passes through the vents and ducts.


You can make your ductwork correct by;

  • Replace your ducts and get them sealed off.
  • Yearly cleaning of your ducts to find problems soon.
  • Using high-quality duct tapes to hold the ducts together for better air passing.
  1. Dirty filter

Every heating and cooling system has a filter to pass air throughout. If you do not clean your heater daily, you will feel some dirt on the filters. The blocked filter prevents warm air to pass through the filter. That’s why it does not warm the room. It seems to be a small issue but it damages your filter and creates problems with the air quality.


  • Turn the heater off.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Check the furnace.
  • Purchase a matching filter.
  • Change the old damaged filter with a new one.
  • Check monthly the proper working of filters.
  1. Heat sensor issue.

The heat sensor is the heart of the heater. If you notice that your heat sensor isn’t working well, it’ll not turn off the blower fan causing the heater to continue and blow out cold air. The heat sensor is the main source of warm air blowing when it gets too damaged the heater will blow cold air.


  • Keep the temperature of the air and thermostat constant.
  • In case the temperature slows down in any way, change the sensor of your heater.
  1. Untimely warming of the heater.

Check if the cold air is blowing after the heater is turned on. This is a natural phenomenon for air conditioners or heaters to blow out room temperature air right after they are turned on. The machine usually takes some time to warm up when the air travels through the ducts into the surrounding. Therefore, most of the time, cold air could come out through the heater right after it’s turned on.


  • Wait for a while. The heater takes time to warm up the room temperature.
  • Don’t step up to conclusions rapidly.
  1. Contractor coil issues.

All heaters like electric heaters use electric resistance heating coils. Nowadays it is a common issue of burning coils. It is due to the electric short circuit and power surges or may wear out naturally. The heater would still run but you’ll only get cold air out of it.


  • The issue is resolved by replacing the coils.
  • While replacing the coil make sure that the circuit is turned off.

Call The Professionals

It is recommended to call the professionals if you find the settings hard to tackle. The electric work needs more concentration and attention to perform in the right way. It is best to call the professionals because they are well aware of their work and have the tools to deal with the appliances.


Electric appliances are not easily handled by everyone at home. You should clean them properly on time. The electric heaters when blowing cold air result in damage to your health when happening in winter. You should replace or repair them when required. Make the professionals or technicians a call for excellent services.

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