AC Duct Replacement

Air ducts are a crucial part of our home refreshing. This is because the HVAC unit cannot pass air in each room without these ducts. In this blog, we will discuss some common reasons for AC duct replacement, its signs, cost, and more about it. This informational blog helps you to know when your AC Ducts need to be replaced. Let’s talk about them in detail.

When Does Your Air Duct Need Replacement?

For home ventilation, the most important thing you require is an HVAC system. You can feel relaxed for the whole year if you have this system in your home. When the system is working well, you do not think to clean or repair it until it gets damaged or stops working. But it is the responsibility of every homeowner to have a look at the home’s HVAC systems to avoid damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Some signs are given below that tell you you need to replace your AC ducts. When you notice these issues in your system, you should replace your system before it gets impaired.

Indications Of Replacing Your Air Ducts

  • Bad airflow: Airflow is considered the best sign to know the working of the HVAC system. But the air ducts are also very important because the air flows through them. When the ducts began to spoil, the flow of air tells you there is a problem in the system. This significantly happens when the ducts are older, clogged, dirty, and not cleaned often. When you feel straining in airflow and something depleting in the air, So, it’s time to replace your AC ducts.
  • Age of your HVAC system: Age matters first. It is important to keep in mind the time when you install the system. All HVAC systems last for 10 years or less. because every HVAC system has a warranty and it is good to be used at that specific time. When their time limit of good work expires, they are out of chores. That is why you should use them at their particular warranted time and replace them when that time is over.
  • Mold and bad odor: One more indication of AC replacement is mold in ducts. When it takes place, every time your HVAC starts it spreads a bad odor or mold spores in your living place. It casts bad effects like allergens and different health-related issues on all the members of your family which are dangerous. The best sign to replace your AC ducts is when you feel something like this.

air duct replacement

  • Noisy HVAC operation: Generally, all the HVAC systems produce noise when start, but if they produce annoying sounds, it is an alarming situation. If your system works with loud sounds and thrills while providing hot and cool air, this is the time to check your air ducts. The ducts of your system are attached to the fiber and plastic glass joints, so handle them with care otherwise they may break and your system sounds more loudly. One more reason for the noise production maybe there are holes in your air ducts. When the air gets into and out of the ducts they produce noise. If you notice these issues, you should replace your air ducts.
  • Unequal cooling and heating: One more sign to replace your air ducts is they are unequally providing air to all the rooms of your home. The reason is the faulty ductwork that does not transfer air equally to all rooms. To check the inequality of airflow, test it with a thermometer. This testing helps you to find the leakage in the ducts that restrains the air to warm and cool your room.
  • Inappropriate installation: Ductworks are installed to provide proper warm and cool air to every room of your home. If they are not designed or installed well there remain problems every time with your HVAC systems. So if your ductwork is not installed well, you should reinstall it and replace it with a good design of air ducts.

Duct Replacement Cost

Ducted air conditioning provides many benefits to modern households. It is quite different from evaporated coolers. Ducted air conditioning provides you with warm and cool air through the vents and ducts. The air circulation from these AC ducts circulates in every room of the home. When we talk about the better installation of the system a point comes to mind which is its cost. The cost of the HVAC depends on the following factors;

Air Conditioning Ducts Replacement Costs

  • The filthiness of old air ducts.

The old ducts have a lot of dirt, debris, pollen, and insects in them. The most important task for the cleaners of duct workers to clean the ducts is the removal all the filthiness from the ducts. Age has a relation with the dirt of ducts. The old ducts have sticky debris which is hard to remove. In this situation, there must be a need to install the new ducts. All the additional work affected the duct replacement cost.

  • Home size. 

When replacing the ducts the most important factor is the size of your home. The larger house will require more ducts and vents to distribute the cool and warm air to every room. The increase in the material also increases the cost.

  • Skills of the workers.

Based on the work, most duct replacement companies offer low-cost rates. It is better to choose the most creditable company that has expert workers and provides competitive duct replacement.


From this article, it is concluded that AC Ducts should be replaced when you notice any damage. Health is wealth. So, it is important to take care of the health of everyone by protecting them from the dangers of the HVAC system’s failure. Ducts Cleaning has become a leading provider of duct cleaning and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning service. Contact us or visit our website for your ductwork.

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