Time To Clean Air Ducts

Our customers frequently ask us what is the best time to clean air ducts. In this article, we have tried our best to address this question due to the high demand. Air ducts are one of the most necessary parts of your home, but how much do you consider their cleanliness? There are many sources of dirt, dust, and airborne particles that come into your house and get into your ducted system to clog the vents. How can you avoid this from happening? You can keep your air ducts clean by having them cleaned yearly by a professional.

Best Time To Clean Air Ducts

You must have heard from some professionals that either fall or spring is the best time to clean air ducts which is right in a sense but it’s not enough. Eventually, according to the comfort of someone the duct cleaning can be done at any time of the year. Remember that it must not get delayed if required, otherwise, they will be spoiled and you will have to replace them. Let’s discuss the time when you need the ducts cleaned.

Best Time To Clean Air Ducts

  • If excessively used in summer: When the ducted system is in excessive use in summer, it gets spoiled soon. The ducted system when damaged due to clogged vents, it requires more energy to operate so, its damage causes an increase in your electricity bills and you lose the cool air as well. When the pests are in search of shelter for warmth in winter. You should clean your ducted system when the summer season last.
  • When the pests are in search of shelter for warmth in winter.:In winter, like humans, pests also prowl a warm place to live. A ducted system is an attractive place for pests in winter where they feel calm. The ducted system when works it gets warm and the pests settled there for a long. If you notice them there, you should sooner take steps to clean the ducts.
  • If you fall prey to allergy in spring.:The spring season is tough for allergic patients because the pollens and dust particles are produced in large quantities. There are many possibilities of mold and mildew in ducts during the spring season, so, if you want to avoid severe allergies, with the help of professionals clean your ducts in the spring season.
  • During Autumn: The autumn season is the best time to clean your ducted system. Because the heating systems are used in winter and there is a need to clean the ducts in autumn to remove all the dirt and debris from last year for long time use in winter.
  • After spending More Time Outside home: When you spent more time outside your home, like other things in your home the ducted systems are also filled with dirt and debris.


Keep an eye on the ducted system every season, when you notice any deterioration in your system you should repair or replace it by taking professional help before it makes more menace.When you come back home after a long time, it is necessary to clean your ducted system before use. If you have any problem regarding Air Ducts, Please feel free to contact us at duct cleaning.

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