dirty air vents make you sick

A dirty return air vent is among the dirtiest areas in your home. They get covered with dust and debris that can harm your health if breathed in for a long period of time. This is because the air that enters your home through these vents is not filtered or cleaned at all, unlike the air you breathe indoors.

If you have a house full of pets or small children, then this will become an even bigger problem as they tend to bring in more dust and dirt with them every time they enter or exit your home. The air that circulates through your home has a significant impact on your quality of life and health. The air inside your home should be clean, safe, and capable of keeping you healthy. However, it is not always easy to keep the air clean without proper ventilation systems installed in your home.

Breathing In Dust


Dirty vents can cause breathing problems, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Dust, pet dander, and smoke (if there is a fire in your home) can be trapped inside a dirty vent. Breathing this dust can cause respiratory problems including:
• Allergies
• Asthma
If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately to get help. if you’re just someone who likes to keep things clean and tidy, you might be wondering: can dirty vents make me sick?
It’s a good question! After all, we spend about 90% of our time indoors. That means that dust, pet dander, and smoke are pretty much always going to be in the air we breathe.

Dust Mites

Is it possible that they could get trapped in the vents of our homes and cause health problems?
Absolutely. Dust mites are one example; these tiny organisms can cause asthma attacks in people who suffer from allergies because of a dirty vent. And while they’re microscopic creatures, they don’t care where they live—they’ll happily settle down anywhere they can find food (which would be your body).

Mold Spores

Another potential culprit is mold spores. If there’s moisture around your vents and it builds up over time, mold can start growing there too—and mold spores have been known to trigger asthma attacks as well. Finally, if you have pets who spend time inside with you (like cats), then their dander could also get trapped in your vents over time—and their dander can cause allergic reactions too!

Dust And Mold Spores Cause Respiration Problems

Dust and mold spores circulating through your duct vent can aggravate respiratory conditions, including asthma.
Dust can also cause allergies which can lead to a coughing fit or even a full-blown asthma attack. Allergens inside the house — like dust mites and pet dander — are often trapped in the vents of older homes, especially those with forced air systems. If you notice dust building up on the walls around your furnace or air conditioner, it’s probably time for some maintenance!
the buildup of dust and particulates in the vents


If you are breathing in dust and other contaminants from your home’s vents, you will likely suffer from sneezing spells, coughing fits, and respiratory infections. Dust can also cause allergies and asthma attacks in people who are sensitive to it. If allowed to build up for long periods of time, the dust could lead to lung cancer as well.

Cleaning The Vents


You might have seen a number of different vacuum types recommended for cleaning your dryer duct vent, including shop vacuums and handheld models. If you use one of these, however, there’s a chance that you’ll push dust and debris from the vents into the ductwork instead of removing it through duct vent cleaning.
If you want to clean your dirty dryer vent cleaning effectively, we recommend using one with a hose attachment or crevice tool attachment (for cleaning corners), brush attachment (for loosening clogs), soft brush or dusting brush attachment (for gentle cleaning), and/or rotating brush head (to help dislodge stubborn lint).

Get Professional Services For Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the dirty dryer vent, it’s best to hire an HVAC technician who knows what they are doing. But if you want to give it a try yourself, here are some tips:
• Wear gloves and safety glasses at all times when handling any kind of chemical or vacuum cleaner
• Always use caution and use duct vent filters when cleaning chemicals as they may cause irritation on your skin or irritate your eyes
• Do not mix different types of chemicals together since this can be dangerous as well as potentially fatal (if inhaled).


For these reasons, it is best to hire a professional to clean your dirty air vent. They will use special vacuums that are designed to remove dust without pushing it into the ductwork and they will perform air duct vent cleaning for you. This way you’ll breathe easier and stay healthier!

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