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When was the last time you had your air conditioning system cleaned? It’s probably longer than it should have been. HVAC systems collect more dust and pollutants than we know, but most of these health hazards are hidden away from sight in an invisible part that could be harming us – especially if they’re there for too long!

Ducts are an ideal place for dirt, dust, and pollen to collect. They’re located both inside of the home as well as outside of your HVAC system so it’s not surprising that these pesky particles find their way into all kinds of places within them! The problem is especially bad if you have air ducts made out of paper filters because they can get stuck easily while still allowing some other harmful substances passage through – which will just end up making things worse down below.

Best Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

Best Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

If you’re noticing your HVAC system isn’t as efficient, there’s an odor coming from the vents in your home or office building, and some dust has gotten into them despite repeated vacuuming cleanings then it might be time to get professional help.

In our experience, two years can pass before air ducts need cleaning- but this will depend on where they are located (for example apartments vs houses). For commercial properties such as shops with lots of traffic like department stores, we recommend professional duct cleaning services each year while maintaining a more thorough routine maintenance program which includes running Vacuum Cleaner through every inch possible twice per month.

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

But according to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), frequent cleaning is necessary for optimal indoor airflow and reduced comfort problems like allergies or asthma۔ A quick inspection of any old property can tell us if there have been previous issues with dirty vents which could lead not only to unhealthy living conditions but also to expensive repairs down the line!

Other reasons stated by NADCA are:

Hairy Pets

The functioning of your air ducts can be decreased by the accumulation of hair and dander. Cleaning them out regularly will help keep things running smoothly inside!

Patient In The House

When you have asthma or allergies, it is important to clean the air ducts in your home. This will help get rid of any risk factors that could increase reactions and cause more diseases!

Any Unpleasant Incident

The air ducts in your home are there to help distribute the hot and clean air throughout. They should be cleaned out after any major damage, like when you have water or structural issues with walls so that all of it can stay fresh for as long as possible!

Restoration Or Renovation

An air duct cleaning is a smart move to get all the debris and dust out of your home after any recent renovation in the house which causes a lot of construction work. This will help you breathe easier, not just now but for years down the line!

Indoor Smoking

Indoor Smoking

If you have kids, the last thing on your mind should be smoking. In general indoor smoke is not good for anyone and can cause major health problems over time if continued used often enough such as asthma or chronic lung disease which leads to premature aging in adults due to their breathing system being damaged by fumes from secondhand smoke while they’re still developing inside us! So don’t beat yourself up when this happens; just make sure there’s an open window nearby so Airflow doesn’t get cut off completely.


In general Duct cleaning is advised every two years to get rid of any accumulated dirt, dust, or pollen but this will depend on the location of your ducts (inside/outside), how many people live in the house, if you have pets and their fur length, as well as other factors like smoking cigarettes indoors. Cleaning them out more frequently is a smart move to reduce health risks in the long run, not just for you but also for your children!

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