Flexible Duct Silver Aluminium Foil Ventilation Ducting Pipe Air Vent



Flexible ventilation ducting pipe is made of silver aluminium foil, high-reach and lightweight. It can be used as an air vent for vents or as an exhaust fan for the ventilation system. Our products are widely used in factories, warehouses, workshops, villas, etc. It has a smooth surface, lightweight and durable. It is easy to install, does not stick to the wall and break, and can be bent, folded, and rolled up. It absorbs heat, protects human health and the environment, reduces noise pollution, and improves energy efficiency.

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4" 100mm x 3m, 4" 100mm x 6m, 5" 125mm x 3m, 5" 125mm x 6m, 6" 150mm x 3m, 6" 150mm x 6m, 8" 200mm x 3m, 8" 200mm x 6m, 10" 250mm x 3m, 10" 250mm x 6m


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